One of the greatest advantages of a cohort education is the sense of community that develops between students. A cohort is a group of individuals who come together to complete a task, such as completing a degree, for a certain period of time – 20 months here at ACU. When our students come to the first night of class, they realize they are not alone! As they look around the classroom and hear the stories of their fellow students, you can see the tension leave them. What happens quickly is that their shared common goal of completing their degree helps build relationships quickly as students share their stories and dreams.

Let me share a story about how community works. One of our new students, Danny, is unable to drive. A few weeks before he started his classes on Thursday nights, I asked one of the classes that meets on Tuesday nights if they would pray for someone to take Danny home to Mesa after class on Thursday. At the end of class, a student named David who lives near the 51 and Cactus came to me and said, “I’ll take Danny home.” I reminded David that his class met on Tuesday night, and it would mean a 45 minute drive, round trip, at 10 p.m. every Thursday night. David said he had talked with his wife, Bonnie, and she agreed that it would be an awesome privilege to serve another student. David and Danny have become good friends, and the DCP community has been strengthened.

James Ellis (2)“Community” was contributed by Dr. James Ellis, Department Chair of the Professional and Adult Studies Department at Arizona Christian University.






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