Two Easy Tools to Improve your Writing

Written communication skills are necessary for students and professionals alike. Proper grammar and excellent word choice can go a long way. Here are two simple tools that anyone can implement to take their writing to the next level.

1) Word Frequency CounterCapture

Do you ever just have one of those great words that you tend to use over and over? I mean the word is great, right? So, wouldn’t it be great to use that word frequently?

Thankfully, there’s an incredible on-line tool that can help eliminate the over usage of words. Check out the “Word Frequency Counter” from Write Words the next time you need to write anything professional, creative, or academic. This tool allows you to copy and paste text right onto their page and it will give you a count for every word in your text.

2) Synonyms/Thesaurus

If the Word Frequency Counter shows that you are overusing words, you can go back over your text and find synonyms or different terms to use instead. The synonym feature in Microsoft Word is extremely helpful with this. By simply right-clicking on a word in my text and choosing “synonym”, I can see a list of alternative expressions. If I don’t find something I like, I can choose “Thesaurus” and more choices will appear.

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