Degree Completion Program Impact

Degree Completion Program Impact

I knew coming to a Christian University would great, but I really did not think that in such a short amount of time I would learn so much about my faith, people and serving God.

Having been retired now for three and half years from the Marine Corps, I have had a desire to earn a degree.  I visited several other campuses but was not happy with the environment, time schedules and classes.  I heard about ACU in passing and checked it out.  At the time, I asked God to lead me to a learning institution where his spirit would be allowed to move and I would not be corralled around, or jammed into a mold for younger students just coming out of High School.

_MG_7852d (2)After attending only three classes: Christian World View, Interpersonal-Conflict and Servant-Leadership, I am amazed at the amount I have learned. My view of Christianity has been strengthened, providing confidence when questioned about it.  My personal, work and married life has become more fulfilling, as I have learned how to better deal with all the different conflicts that arise in day-to-day struggles.

Lastly, I have been able to significantly help and assist my wife deal with conflict situation at her new job.  We both have a different outlook, connecting work and worship as one integrated form of life, with little to no separation between.

What a true blessing this program has been.  I am amazed at what I have learned so far and thinking to the future I cannot wait to see all I will know and be able to perform in 20 short months.


Don A“Degree Completion Program Impact” was contributed by Don Arbuckle, Christian Ministry student in the DCP at Arizona Christian University and former Marine.

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