Christian Community for Adult Learners at ACU

When I was finishing my bachelor’s degree as a young wife and soon-to-be mother, I remember that feeling of fear and nervousness in my stomach every time I started a new class. A new class meant sitting in a room of strangers who, though close to my age at the time, held a very different lifestyle. Even if I became friends with one or two of the students around me, I usually never saw them again after the semester ended.

Before ClassOne of the things I love about the Degree Completion Program (DCP) at Arizona Christian University is that our adult students do not need to experience that sense of anxiety at the beginning of each semester. Instead of being in a room of strangers, they remain in a cohort and continue on in their classes with the same students they met from the first night of orientation. Not only are the fellow students familiar, they form friendships and a tight networking group as everyone in the class shares common goals and life responsibilities.

All of the courses in the DCP are geared toward adults and are taught within a Christian community. I’ve often found the students refreshed by the sense of encouragement they gain by their fellow students as well as the staff and faculty. The cohorts learn that they can count on each other for prayer and support.

It is so encouraging for me to see our adult students thrive in this form of Christian education. Not only are they learning from the instructors the necessary skills and aptitudes they need for success in their chosen vocation, their faith and walk with God is strengthened as well.

Dr. Reed and CalebThe relationships formed within the 20 months of the Degree Completion Cohort Program will last far beyond the walls of Arizona Christian University. These students will have friends and networking connections that will last them the rest of their lives.

If you’ve been thinking about going back to school as an adult, yet the thought of it seems overwhelming or intimidating, please hear my heart. Your education is worth it. You are worth it. Why not enter a program that values relationships so that you won’t ever need to sit in a classroom among strangers? The DCP staff and faculty are here to walk with our students every step of the way. You’ll never feel as if you are out there trying to make it all work on your own.



Give us a call at 602-386-4183 to speak to Fernando Cota, DCP Admissions Counselor or e-mail him at and he’ll be glad to work with you on mapping out your individual academic plan.


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