Surviving College as an Adult Student

Surviving College as an Adult Student

“I was beat down, burnt out, and spiritually dry…”

The academic rigor of university classes can become exhausting, especially when you have a family, career, and ministry obligations. Prior to enrolling in the Degree Completion Program (DCP), I was a full time student at ACU, and I was not convinced that I would be able to continue to endure the stressful schedule that was required to get my degree.

I was beat down, burnt out, and spiritually dry due to the schedule I was attempting to maintain. I was driving an hour each direction to campus, sitting in classes for 8 hours (twice a week), and completing 25-30 hours of homework a week. All of this was added to my attempts at being a good husband, father, and business owner. I constantly felt like I was trying to paddle up a river, and I was exhausted.

“The DCP has been an Amazing Blessing…”

Thankfully, I was informed by ACU that the DCP was created for adult individuals like myself, and that the program would be much more conducive to my busy life schedule. Fortunately, this has been true! The DCP has been an amazing blessing and opportunity for me because I am able to continue working diligently towards an academic goal, but do not have to sacrifice essential elements of my life in order to achieve it.

“The DCP has Alleviated a lot of Stress from my Life…”

Also, the DCP has been a great learning environment because the other students in the classes have life and work experiences that they bring into the classroom. This is important because it creates mature, healthy, and practical class discussions that allow you to see the different ways that the material is applicable in the various spheres of life. Also, the professors understand the demographic of the students they are teaching, and this allows them to facilitate practical in-class exercises that help the students comprehend the material in a tangible way. Lastly, I can honestly say that the DCP has alleviated a lot of stress from my life, and it has made attending ACU much more enjoyable.


“Surviving College as an Adult Student” was contributed by John Crawford, Behavioral Health student in the DCP at Arizona Christian University. More testimonies from DCP students can be found on the Degree Completion Program website.

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