“What Do You Want for Christmas?”

DSCN5786Have you found yourself asking your friends and family that question? We all want to give that perfect gift – the one that will bring joy and excitement to the faces of our loved ones. However, many times the holidays can bring stress and strain on ourselves as we work toward bringing happiness to everyone else.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday life, and the holidays only bring an additional strain on our sanity, as well as our wallets. If you’re a non-traditional college student on top of your full-time work and family obligations, you may feel overloaded to the max! Maybe, all you want for Christmas is some peace and quiet and relaxation time.

This Christmas, be sure to take a little time for yourself. Take a moment to soak in all of the joy and the festivities around you. Listen to Christmas music. Read the Christmas story. Drink a cup of hot cocoa or tea. Give a gift to someone in need. Hug your loved ones. In other words… take time for a break.

chocolateIMG_2725The Best Gift You Can Give

Sometimes, you are the best gift you can give to others. Your time, your love, your attention is far more valuable than gifts with shiny bows and bright paper. Yet, in order to give them all the best of you, it’s up to you to take the best possible care of yourself. Getting the proper rest is a big part of that.

Take a deep breath. Give yourself permission to relax for a moment. And smile. Don’t forget to smile.

Have a very, very, Merry Christmas!

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