More Than an Education

The adult students at Arizona Christian University (ACU) gain much more than an education in the Degree Completion Program (DCP). Personally, it’s been very rewarding to watch them network and build relationships with other classmates as well as staff and faculty. While students work toward their Bachelor’s Degree by taking class only one night a week for less than two years, they are able to develop bonds that will last far beyond graduation.

Becky CappsBecky Capps is one of the students in our Christian Ministries program, she is planning to use her degree for a Chaplaincy Program or a Spiritual Directorship position. In her current profession, she supports herself as an artist and reaches other for Christ through her “Trust in the Lord” ministry that has over 1,630,000 on FaceBook.

Although she is nearing the age where many would be looking at retirement, that is not at all in Becky’s plans. She explains that, “As a later-in-life student, perhaps the oldest one in the DCP program, I am seeking God’s will to give back in any number of ways. His plans are far better than mine.”

Becky chose ACU to complete her degree after one of the professors introduced her to me and suggested she look into the Christian Ministry Degree where she could take classes with other adult students. She explains:

My plans were to attend another university to finish my Bachelor’s Degree, but I was not feeling it was really the right place and fit for me. After a lot of question and answer time with Lisa, I knew getting my degree in Christian Ministries would be the perfect fit for me. I love the DCP program and have bonded with the other 13 students in my small cohort group.

She loves the Degree Completion Program’s once-a-week classroom schedule and the fact that the teachers truly care about seeing her become successful. “Plus,” she adds, “The smaller group classroom allows me to concentrate better, and listen to the other students share ideas while we work together.” The personal interaction adds to the relationship building and education, “Because the classes are smaller, I am not just a number in a sea of 50 or 100 students, but I am heard and can hear the other student’s ideas.”

The next Christian Ministry Bachelor’s Degree program begins with an Orientation Meeting on May 21st. Degrees in Behavioral Health and Business Administration will be offered as well. Contact me today to find out how the Degree Completion Program can benefit you and help you reach your educational, career, and personal goals.

You can learn more about Becky’s journey through her blog entitled, “Seeking Jesus“.


If this is something that’s been tugging at your heart for a while, and you’d like to go back to school in a Christian educational environment, the Degree Completion Program at ACU is for you! We also have degrees in Business Administration, Behavioral Health and Christian Ministries and each program is taught with a biblical worldview as the foundation.Fern cropped

Call 602-386-4183 to speak to Fernando Cota, DCP Admissions Counselor or e-mail him at and he’ll be glad to work with you on mapping out your individual academic plan.

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