Transform Your Life – DCP Student Testimonies

Transform Your Life – DCP Student Testimonies

Recently, I asked some of the Degree Completion Students to share one way that the Degree Completion Program at ACU was impacting their life. I was both blessed and impacted by the responses. We have some amazing students in our program and their affirmation on the very aspects that we work hard to achieve was incredible.

I wasn’t surprised to receive responses that centered on the “wonderful education” they receive, the fact that our professors are “top notch”, and that the cohorts groups the students join are like “family”.

Many of the students also mentioned and elaborated on the convenience of the scheduling as being a huge impact. Having classes for working adults only one night a week allows them to balance school with their everyday lives and responsibilities and gives them the opportunity to pursue the very career opportunities they are learning about through each course they complete.

Are you thinking about going back to school?

See for yourself what a few of these students have to say:

  • Jena (Behavioral Health): Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express how grateful I am to step out in faith and obtain this wonderful education at Arizona Christian University!!
  • Becky (Christian Ministries): ACU has given me the time I need to devote to my growing ministry while I still earn my degree in a timely manner. Without the once a week schedule, it would be difficult to maintain the time standards I have set in motion.
  • John (Business Administration): Right after I enrolled at ACU, I was able to start my own business. The DCP program has allowed me to complete my degree without interfering with my busy work schedule. At only one night a week, and 5-6 weeks per class, I will have my degree in no time.
  • Daniel (Behavioral Health): My wife and I are both are enrolled at ACU in the Degree Completion Program and we totally love it!! Not only are we receiving a great education but also we are surrounded by fellow Christians where God is the center of our lives.
  • Kristen (Behavioral Health): The DCP has been such a blessing with my family, work, and ministry responsibilities! Our instructors are top notch, and my cohorts are family. I cannot thank God enough for bringing me into the ACU DCP program.

It’s amazing to watch the lives of these students being transformed and seeing them learn and grow in their skills and abilities. If you are looking for a “wonderful education” that you can “earn in a timely manner” with “top notch” professors and classmates that are like “family”, don’t hesitate!

Transform YOUR Life! Apply to the Degree Completion Program today!

If this is something that’s been tugging at your heart for a while, and you’d like to go back to school in a Christian educational environment, the Degree Completion Program at ACU is for you! We also have degrees in Business Administration, Behavioral Health and Christian Ministries and each program is taught with a biblical worldview as the foundation.Fern cropped

Call 602-386-4183 to speak to Fernando Cota, DCP Admissions Counselor or e-mail him at and he’ll be glad to work with you on mapping out your individual academic plan.

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