Going Back to School for Your Behavioral Health Degree at ACU

Going Back to School for Your Behavioral Health Degree at ACU

One of the most popular degrees in the DCP at Arizona Christian University is Behavioral Health – for good reason! Students who earn a degree in Behavioral Health are able to choose from a variety of job opportunities in the mental health community. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree through the Degree Completion Program also prepares them to pursue graduate work leading to licensure in counseling.

Within the Behavioral Health Program at ACU, adults coming back to school can learn about the psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being for individuals as well as families. Students are able to gain these insights in the Degree Completion Program through courses such as Principles of Counseling, Human Development, Addictions, and Abnormal Psychology.

All of the courses within the Behavioral Health curriculum are taught by Christian faculty who are qualified and experienced. They understand the demands and responsibilities of working adults because they are already living and working within the field they are teaching. In addition, all of the instructors teach their subject from a Christian perspective and biblical worldview.

There are a number of great things about getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Health through the Degree Completion Program at ACU. The one-night a week format, the convenient location, and the ability to graduate in less than 20 months are all great reasons to check it out.


Are you thinking about a degree in Behavioral Health?

Give us a call at 602-386-4183 to speak to Fernando Cota, DCP Admissions Counselor or e-mail him at Fernando.Cota@arizonachristian.edu and he’ll be glad to work with you on mapping out your individual academic plan.

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