DCP Student Testimonies

Alicia’s Story

“I have always had a desire to obtain my degree. Over the course of many years, I inquired at several colleges in hopes of finding a fit for my personal and spiritual growth. Unbeknownst to me while attending a spiritual retreat, words of wisdom would direct and encourage me to take a visit to Arizona Christian University. Althougth nervous at the time of my arrival to visit the university, it was not long before my nerves and anxiety were both gently put to rest. After listening to the details of the Degree Completion Program from the Director, I was on my way to fulfilling a desire of my mind and heart. One of the downfalls of some of the other programs that I considered were the mandatory class selections and the duration of the class sessions. As a busy adult, time and money are both valuable commodities. The Adult Completion Degree Program at Arizona Christian University has made it possible for me to use both wisely. I look back now and remain thrilled at taking that initial step.”

Terrilyn’s Story

“Every class I have attended I have learned critical skills that make a difference in running a successful business. Every course has proven relevant. Yet what sets this program above the rest is learning how to make decisions that are not only business savvy, but God savvy. Because of attending the Degree Completion Program, I now have the confidence to branch out in areas I had never considered. I have the skills to create a viable business plan and to start and run a business with confidence.”

Angel’s Story

“Every day, I drive to all the places where family and others need my help. One day, catching upon radio news, I started to hear about how Arizona Christian University might help me to finally finish earning a Bachelor’s degree. “I can do this,” I thought. Some answered prayers later and workplace support, showed me how to meet this new challenge without ignoring everything else that matters. The Degree Completion Program has helped me to build more upon the framework of life I already have. And now, I have so much more to offer everyone that I serve.”

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