Christian Ministries

In the Christian Ministries program, adult students learn from a balanced coursework of practical ministry skills and Biblical foundation. If you are experienced in ministry, yet need the education to propel your work further, or you are ready to jump in and get started with Kingdom work, this program is for you!

Permanent, lasting, positive change begins with impacting the lives of others. The coursework in the Christian Ministries program will build Christian character with a Biblical philosophy of ministry and give students skills they can put to use in everyday life.

Academic Major Courses

Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries

BUS 310 Social/Business Structures in Adult Learning
IDS 301 Servant Leadership
IDS 302 Conflict and Resolution
CED 301 Foundations of Christian Education
PSY 311 Principles of Counseling
BIB 300 Biblical Interpretation
BIB 340 Old Testament and Literature
BIB 320 Life and Teachings of Jesus
BIB 330 Life and Teachings of Paul
BIB 405 Pastoral Epistles
BIB 424 Current Issues in Theology
CMI 301 Pathways to Global Ministries
BIB 430 Christ and Culture
CED 412 Principles of Teaching
BUS 442 Management of Not-for-Profit Org.
CMI 420 Capstone for Christian Ministry Majors

ACU Annual Costs for the Degree Completion Program for 2016-2017:

Tuition: $415/credit

At ACU, you’ll have no *hidden fees:

  • Each course is 3 credits
  • $30 application fee (waived for those who attend an upcoming Information Session)
  • $200 graduation fee at the end of the program

That’s it! Be sure to visit the DCP Financial Aid page for instructions on how to make finishing your degree at Arizona Christian University an affordable option.

*Tuition may increase by 2-3% each academic year. Some online courses require additional cost for materials.

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