Elementary Education

The Degree Completion Program’s Elementary Education major is designed specifically for the busy schedule of professional adults. Courses meet in the evenings and are taught by Christian educators who understand the history, trends, diversity, and philosophies of education. Students learn a variety of classroom skills and will be ready for immediate employment upon graduation.

Some online options are available as well!

Academic Major Courses

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

BUS 310 Social/Business Structures in Adult Learning
EED 202 Intro to Art and Music
EED 302 Intro to Health and Fitness
HIS 212 US and Arizona Government
EDU 312 Human Development
EDU 315 Educational Psychology
EDU 317 Curriculum and Instruction
EDU 300 Tests and Measurements
EDU 314 Introduction to the Exceptional Child
EDU 415 Classroom Management
SEI 490 Structured English Immersion
EDU 430 Children’s Literature
EED 314 Science and Social Studies in Elem.
EED 313 Language Arts in the Elementary School
EED 417 Mathematics in the Elem. School
EED 315 Reading and Decoding in the Elem.
EED 410 Directed Student Teaching: Elementary School*

*This is not a 3 credit course

Institutional Recommendation (IR): All students who satisfactorily complete the Elementary or Secondary Education certificate program at Arizona Christian University, will receive an Institutional Recommendation (IR) from the university. A program “audit” will be conducted upon completion of the last program requirement to ensure 3.0 GPA in required program coursework (including transfer coursework), tuition/fees paid in full, and materials checked out from library have been returned. The IR will be issued upon completion of the “audit” and within 45 days of program completion. The program and IR prepare students to receive an Elementary or Secondary teaching certificate in the state of Arizona. Ask about reciprocity for other states.

ACU Annual Costs for the Degree Completion Program for 2016-2017: Tuition: $415/credit At ACU, you’ll have no **hidden fees:

  • Most courses are 3 credits
  • $30 application fee (waived for those who attend an upcoming Information Session)
  • $200 graduation fee at the end of the program

All students are required to:

  • Acquire an IVP fingerprint card (in Arizona) or state required background check for other states and pay associated fees.
  • Take and pass required Arizona Educator Exams and pay associated fees.

That’s it! Be sure to visit the DCP Financial Aid page for instructions on how to make finishing your degree at Arizona Christian University an affordable option.

**Tuition may increase by 2-3% each academic year. Some online courses require additional cost for materials.

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