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Behavioral Health

Choose from a variety of job opportunities in the mental health community or continue on to graduate work with a degree in Behavioral Health.

Business Administration

Expand your career with a degree in Business Administration in areas such as human resources, marketing, management, financial opportunities and more.

Christian Ministries

Lead with a solid biblical foundation and Christian worldview in any type of church or non-profit organization with a degree in Christian Ministry.

Education Programs

ACU now offers Elementary and Secondary Education degrees in the Degree Completion Program! Classes are designed for your busy lifestyle!


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ACU’s Degree Completion Program: A Great Experience

ACU’s Degree Completion Program: A Great Experience

Watching students grow in their confidence in the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University gives me the opportunity to see the value that education has on one’s life. Education is worth more than a piece of paper – or the cost in gaining that piece of paper. A Bachelor’s Degree can benefit and transform your life in ways that are significant and profound. Even within her first semester, I have been able to see that significance in the life of Tamara Yanke. Tamara is one of the students working toward a degree in Business Administration. It has been a joy to watch her grow in her confidence this past semester. She is discovering skills that she never knew she had, and through each course she learns more about developing the gifts that God has given her. Tamara chose the DCP because she liked the way the program is designed. “If you follow the program the way it is planned out,” she explains, “you will complete your degree in two years!  I still can’t believe I am finished with my first semester and starting on my second.  Going to class one day a week and having the rest of the week to study works well for my busy schedule.  So far it has been a great experience.” When I asked her what she enjoys the most, she described her experience like this: The thing I like most about the Degree Completion Program, is the camaraderie and support of the other students and instructors in the program.  In my cohort we were all working adults with busy lives and commitments,...
Transform Your Life – DCP Student Testimonies

Transform Your Life – DCP Student Testimonies

Recently, I asked some of the Degree Completion Students to share one way that the Degree Completion Program at ACU was impacting their life. I was both blessed and impacted by the responses. We have some amazing students in our program and their affirmation on the very aspects that we work hard to achieve was incredible. I wasn’t surprised to receive responses that centered on the “wonderful education” they receive, the fact that our professors are “top notch”, and that the cohorts groups the students join are like “family”. Many of the students also mentioned and elaborated on the convenience of the scheduling as being a huge impact. Having classes for working adults only one night a week allows them to balance school with their everyday lives and responsibilities and gives them the opportunity to pursue the very career opportunities they are learning about through each course they complete. Are you thinking about going back to school? See for yourself what a few of these students have to say: Jena (Behavioral Health): Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express how grateful I am to step out in faith and obtain this wonderful education at Arizona Christian University!! Becky (Christian Ministries): ACU has given me the time I need to devote to my growing ministry while I still earn my degree in a timely manner. Without the once a week schedule, it would be difficult to maintain the time standards I have set in motion. John (Business Administration): Right after I enrolled at ACU, I was able to start my own business. The DCP program has allowed me to complete...

More Than an Education

The adult students at Arizona Christian University (ACU) gain much more than an education in the Degree Completion Program (DCP). Personally, it’s been very rewarding to watch them network and build relationships with other classmates as well as staff and faculty. While students work toward their Bachelor’s Degree by taking class only one night a week for less than two years, they are able to develop bonds that will last far beyond graduation. Becky Capps is one of the students in our Christian Ministries program, she is planning to use her degree for a Chaplaincy Program or a Spiritual Directorship position. In her current profession, she supports herself as an artist and reaches other for Christ through her “Trust in the Lord” ministry that has over 1,630,000 on FaceBook. Although she is nearing the age where many would be looking at retirement, that is not at all in Becky’s plans. She explains that, “As a later-in-life student, perhaps the oldest one in the DCP program, I am seeking God’s will to give back in any number of ways. His plans are far better than mine.” Becky chose ACU to complete her degree after one of the professors introduced her to me and suggested she look into the Christian Ministry Degree where she could take classes with other adult students. She explains: My plans were to attend another university to finish my Bachelor’s Degree, but I was not feeling it was really the right place and fit for me. After a lot of question and answer time with Lisa, I knew getting my degree in Christian Ministries would be the...

“What Do You Want for Christmas?”

Have you found yourself asking your friends and family that question? We all want to give that perfect gift – the one that will bring joy and excitement to the faces of our loved ones. However, many times the holidays can bring stress and strain on ourselves as we work toward bringing happiness to everyone else. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday life, and the holidays only bring an additional strain on our sanity, as well as our wallets. If you’re a non-traditional college student on top of your full-time work and family obligations, you may feel overloaded to the max! Maybe, all you want for Christmas is some peace and quiet and relaxation time. This Christmas, be sure to take a little time for yourself. Take a moment to soak in all of the joy and the festivities around you. Listen to Christmas music. Read the Christmas story. Drink a cup of hot cocoa or tea. Give a gift to someone in need. Hug your loved ones. In other words… take time for a break. The Best Gift You Can Give Sometimes, you are the best gift you can give to others. Your time, your love, your attention is far more valuable than gifts with shiny bows and bright paper. Yet, in order to give them all the best of you, it’s up to you to take the best possible care of yourself. Getting the proper rest is a big part of that. Take a deep breath. Give yourself permission to relax for a moment. And smile. Don’t forget to smile. Have...
A New Year – A New You?

A New Year – A New You?

2015 is just around the corner. A new year always brings out the best of intentions, doesn’t it? It’s a great symbol for a new start. Yet, how many of those good intentions fall to the wayside for some reason or another? We start out strong, but somehow fizzle out in our New Year’s resolutions – sometimes before the first week of the New Year is over! The Degree Completion Program, however, may be the perfect answer and opportunity for you to begin a fresh new start and get plugged into classes in Behavioral Health, Business Administration, and Christian Ministries. These classes will not only give you skills and abilities toward self-improvement goals, they’ll help you work toward a Bachelor’s degree that can give a fresh start in your career or help you accomplish a goal you may have started long ago. Our unique cohort system helps students continue on in their goals as relationships are built. Students encourage each other and form strong bonds that press them on toward the goal of wearing that cap and gown and walking across the stage to receive their well-deserved diploma. DCP students enjoy coming to class one night a week and learning alongside other adults in Christian community. These classes keep those good intentions intact and prevent them from fizzling out and falling to the wayside. Is there a better time to get started than now? Classes for the Degree Completion Program start in January with Orientation on January 6th at 6:00 pm. It’s not too late for you to get plugged in and registered! All you need to do is...
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