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Behavioral Health

Choose from a variety of job opportunities in the mental health community or continue on to graduate work with a degree in Behavioral Health.

Business Administration

Expand your career with a degree in Business Administration in areas such as human resources, marketing, management, financial opportunities and more.

Christian Ministries

Lead with a solid biblical foundation and Christian worldview in any type of church or non-profit organization with a degree in Christian Ministry.

Education Programs

ACU now offers Elementary and Secondary Education degrees in the Degree Completion Program! Classes are designed for your busy lifestyle!


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A New Year – A New You?

A New Year – A New You?

2015 is just around the corner. A new year always brings out the best of intentions, doesn’t it? It’s a great symbol for a new start. Yet, how many of those good intentions fall to the wayside for some reason or another? We start out strong, but somehow fizzle out in our New Year’s resolutions – sometimes before the first week of the New Year is over! The Degree Completion Program, however, may be the perfect answer and opportunity for you to begin a fresh new start and get plugged into classes in Behavioral Health, Business Administration, and Christian Ministries. These classes will not only give you skills and abilities toward self-improvement goals, they’ll help you work toward a Bachelor’s degree that can give a fresh start in your career or help you accomplish a goal you may have started long ago. Our unique cohort system helps students continue on in their goals as relationships are built. Students encourage each other and form strong bonds that press them on toward the goal of wearing that cap and gown and walking across the stage to receive their well-deserved diploma. DCP students enjoy coming to class one night a week and learning alongside other adults in Christian community. These classes keep those good intentions intact and prevent them from fizzling out and falling to the wayside. Is there a better time to get started than now? Classes for the Degree Completion Program start in January with Orientation on January 6th at 6:00 pm. It’s not too late for you to get plugged in and registered! All you need to do is...

Is a Bachelor’s Degree One of Your Goals?

Take a moment and picture your life five or even ten years from now. How would going back to school and attaining a Bachelor’s Degree enhance that vision? One of our students, Lesjune’ Dishman, has a clear vision. She is currently working toward a Behavioral Health degree and taking classes one night a week in our cohort program with other working adults like herself.. She knows the steps she needs to take to reach her goals and the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University is helping her accomplish her objectives. Recently, we asked Lesjune’ about her experience as an adult student at ACU, and this is what she had to say: “The DCP at ACU has motivated me to new heights. I have been re-energized in my education, and in my spirit. I am just three classes into my program and I am so full with knowledge. The curriculum is powerful and enlightening. My sole priority now is to receive a Master’s degree so I can come back and teach at this college. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into this program.”   What are your dreams and ambitions? If earning your Bachelor’s Degree would help you reach your goals, the Degree Completion Program may be the right choice for you. With courses in Behavioral Health, Business Administration, and Christian Ministries, we can help you in your career, your personal aspirations, and ministry areas. Start now and you can finish your degree in only 18...

Earn Your Christian Ministry Degree

The Christian Ministry degree is designed to prepare leaders. With the right tools and education, ministry leaders can maximize their effectiveness in churches, mission work, and even the business world. The biblical foundation of the Christian Ministry courses in the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University gives students these necessary tools. The core curriculum is focused on establishing a Christian worldview. This enables students to learn, prepare, and build upon the biblical foundation provided in the studies.   Learn Students learning in the Christian Ministry program study a variety of biblical topics and practical ministry insights. Courses such as Biblical Interpretation, Life and Teaching of Jesus, and Pastoral Epistles dig deep into the Bible to offer a foundation on how to study the Word of God. On the other hand, courses such as Servant Leadership, Foundations of Christian Education, and Current Issues in Theology provide students with knowledge useful in ministering or pastoring to others. Prepare The Christian Ministry degree at Arizona Christian University prepares students with the skills needed to fulfill God’s calling on their vocation. Whether the goal is to preach the gospel, pastor to others behind the scenes, or work in a non-profit ministry, courses such as Intercultural Studies, Principles of Teaching, and Management of Not-For-Profit Organizations prepare students with the ability to answer His call as a competent servant. Build The Degree Completion Program enables students to take knowledge gained from the courses and build upon the experiences they have already gained in their lives. Students foster strong relationships and are encouraged by faculty and classmates working together toward the same goal. While they...
Surviving College as an Adult Student

Surviving College as an Adult Student

“I was beat down, burnt out, and spiritually dry…” The academic rigor of university classes can become exhausting, especially when you have a family, career, and ministry obligations. Prior to enrolling in the Degree Completion Program (DCP), I was a full time student at ACU, and I was not convinced that I would be able to continue to endure the stressful schedule that was required to get my degree. I was beat down, burnt out, and spiritually dry due to the schedule I was attempting to maintain. I was driving an hour each direction to campus, sitting in classes for 8 hours (twice a week), and completing 25-30 hours of homework a week. All of this was added to my attempts at being a good husband, father, and business owner. I constantly felt like I was trying to paddle up a river, and I was exhausted. “The DCP has been an Amazing Blessing…” Thankfully, I was informed by ACU that the DCP was created for adult individuals like myself, and that the program would be much more conducive to my busy life schedule. Fortunately, this has been true! The DCP has been an amazing blessing and opportunity for me because I am able to continue working diligently towards an academic goal, but do not have to sacrifice essential elements of my life in order to achieve it. “The DCP has Alleviated a lot of Stress from my Life…” Also, the DCP has been a great learning environment because the other students in the classes have life and work experiences that they bring into the classroom. This is important because...
Three Degree Programs to Begin in January

Three Degree Programs to Begin in January

This is an incredible time for the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University! In January we are very excited about offering various areas of emphasis within the Business Administration degree. These emphases are: Healthcare Management, Homeland Security, Information Technology, Marketing, Non-Profit Management, Organizational Leadership, and Project Management. These emphases provide those interested in furthering, or starting, their career in any of these areas with the opportunity to focus in their preparation for the job market. This will allow the ACU Degree Completion students to become even more competitive in the marketplace. While the Business Administration areas of emphasis are exciting in their own right, that is not all that the Degree Completion Program is working on for January. For the first time, we are planning to offer all three degrees: Behavioral Health, Christian Ministries, and Business Administration. In the past, only two degrees have been offered at a time. Now, when we have enough students to enroll in a cohort, all of the participants will be able to start in January, regardless of the degree they are choosing. Knowing the Right Degree for You: Students graduating with a degree in Behavioral Health will be able to choose from a variety of job opportunities in the mental health community and will be prepared to pursue graduate work to lead into licensure in counseling. Christian Ministry graduates will be leaders prepared to function in either a church or non-profit organization. The curriculum within this degree program establishes a solid biblical foundation and Christian worldview. These are essential for effectiveness in a variety of ministries. Students finishing the Business Administration program...
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